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This blog is courtesy of the Arizona SciTech Festival.

CASA GRANDE — Merlin D’souza, 15, and Chloe Buchanan, 16, love science.

On March 2, they plan to share their enthusiasm for science with the community while bringing together students, businesses and learning institutions for a daylong science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics fair in Peart Park.

“The STEAM fair is a full-circle event,” Buchanan said. “We’ll have students with their science projects making presentations, and we’ll have businesses there that show what kinds of STEAM careers are available in Casa Grande. The colleges will be there to show the path students can take to getting the STEAM career they want.”

They are including arts along with the more common acronym “STEM.”

The event will include hands-on presentations for younger students to introduce them to various STEAM concepts.

“We’re reaching out to elementary schools and middle schools because we want students to attend,” D’souza said. “We want the whole community involved. We want students to realize the potential in STEAM jobs and start thinking about the path they need to take to get there.”

D’souza and Buchanan are students at Casa Grande Union High School, where they’re involved in science and robotics clubs and activities. D’souza, a freshman, hopes to become a bio-medical researcher. Buchanan, a sophomore, wants to be an engineer.

Both represent the school as elected members of Chief Science Officers, an organization that advocates for STEM programs in schools and communities and encourages students to have a voice in STEM outreach and curriculum planning.

“As Chief Science Officers, we want to bring STEAM events to people,” D’souza said. “Our hope is that this event will get students thinking of STEAM careers and get businesses thinking of ways to reach out to these students.”

The STEAM fair is an outreach effort the two are coordinating, on their own, as a Chief Science Officers project. Fellow student Rebecca Baker, 17, a senior, is also part of the planning for the event.

“It’s been a lot of late nights and weekends planning for this event,” D’souza said.

More than a dozen businesses have signed on to attend the event. They’ll have a table at the STEAM fair and offer information and guidance to students about career options.

About two dozen students are set to give science presentations and others will host activities or introduce younger students to various science clubs and opportunities in the schools.

Buchanan and D’souza are hoping that kids from throughout the area attend the fair to learn or to present a project. Students from other schools who would like to present a project may contact D’souza or Buchanan to secure a presentation time.

“For other students, we want this event to further their passion for STEAM,” D’souza said.

Buchanan said the benefits of student involvement in STEM projects and clubs goes beyond academic.

“I saw my older sister (Gabriella Buchanan) blossom as a science student at this school and in the robotics club,” she said. “She went from being shy and quiet to being a part of science competitions. She’s now studying to be an engineer. In this school we get these unique STEM opportunities to be a part of projects that we wouldn’t get anywhere else.”

D’souza appreciates the special perspective STEM projects can offer students and kids as they’re trying to find their way in the world.

“It’s like when a surgeon cuts open a patient and sees a person’s organs. That person’s organs have never been seen by the world before. The surgeon is the first to see them. STEM is like that for me. I get a chance to see things that I haven’t seen before,” she said.

The STEAM fair will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Peart Park on March 2.

The STEAM fair has been designated as an Arizona SciTech Festival signature event. Attendees may collect a stamp card at the event and those who visit at least 10 of the 70 Arizona SciTech Festival’s signature events throughout the year may win a prize.

Students, businesses, organizations or schools that would like to take part with an informational table, presentation or activity may contact Buchanan at chloe.g.buchanan@gmail.com or D’souza at merlindsouza2021@gmail.com.

4,500+ Science & Tech Events Offer Something for Everyone

PHOENIX, ARIZ. – Communities across the state are excited for the 2019 Arizona SciTech Festival, the state’s annual celebration of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Now in its eighth year, SciTech Fest is the country’s third-largest science festival with 3,500+ events taking place through March.

The Arizona SciTech Festival offers curious minds of all ages abundant opportunities to explore STEM across the state through interactive events, workshops, exhibitions, displays, lectures and tours. Best of all: SciTech events are free! This season kicked-off with the annual Connect2STEM event on Saturday, Jan. 26, presented by the University of Arizona, in partnership with Cox Communications. Connect2STEM is a family-friendly event with more than 150 hands-on activities held on the Phoenix Biomedical Campus.

These events are vital to engaging future generations of scientists and technology leaders, as well as fueling excitement for our growing STEM culture in the Grand Canyon State.

“We are excited to once again present the Arizona SciTech Festival, which showcases our state’s robust STEM culture, primes our future talent pipeline and fuels our growing economy,” said Sandra Watson, President and CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority. “This two-month celebration of science and technology keeps growing and growing, which is a testament to our surging innovation culture.”

“As a technology company, Cox Communications deeply supports the advancement of STEM education across our state,” said Susan Anable, Southwest Vice President of Public Affairs, Cox Communications. “We are thrilled to again sponsor this amazing festival, which sparks imaginations and spurs excitement about science and technology for people of all ages.”



Dr. Jeremy Babendure, Executive Director, Arizona SciTech Festival JeremyB@AZcommerce.com or (480) 250-7764

2019 Sponsors:


* Cox Communications


* Arizona Commerce Authority


* Arizona Board of Regents


* Accountabil IT

* Univision Contigo

* Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold

* Maricopa Community Colleges

* State Farm


* Intel

* MAC6

* Arizona Renaissance Festival

* Viasat

* US Storage Centers


* Arizona Green Living Magazine


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* Arizona Technology Council

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* iFly Indoor Skydiving


* Arizona State University

* Phoenix Business Journal

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* Midwestern University

Foundational Partners:

* Arizona Board of Regents

* Arizona State University

* Arizona Commerce Authority

* Arizona Science Center

* University of Arizona

* SciTech Institute

About the Arizona SciTech Festival

The Arizona SciTech Festival is a statewide celebration of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) held annually in February and March. Through a series of expos, workshops, conversations, exhibitions and tours held in diverse neighborhoods throughout the state, the Festival excites and informs Arizonans age 3 to 103 how STEM will drive our state through a grassroots collaboration of more than 800 organizations in industry, academia, arts, civic, community and K-12 education. The Festival is anchored at the Arizona Commerce Authority, in collaboration with additional foundational partners including the Arizona Technology Council Foundation, Arizona Science Center, Arizona State University, the University of Arizona and Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR). Visit azscitech.com for more information.

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FEBRUARY 14TH-16TH, 2019

9:00AM – 4:30PM


View sponsorship information here

View 2019 nominations here

Event website: https://vailprideday.org/ 

Ignite your senses and engage your mind on March 2-3, 2019 from 9:30AM-5:30PM at the Tucson Festival of Books. Complete event info here

Visit five diverse science neighborhoods

Immerse yourself in engaging hands-on activities

Experience University of Arizona laboratory tours and science presentations

Watch exciting demonstrations and dynamic performances for all ages

Meet renowned science authors and researchers

The Arizona Renaissance Festival Student Days give students a chance to do more than just read about the 16th Century, they provide a true experience!

The Renaissance ideas that laid foundation for later inventions are still evident and influential today. Today’s THINKERS, DREAMERS, INVENTORS are pushing the boundaries of what is known into the unknown; who knows what their discoveries will become?

2019 Student Day Dates:

Tuesday, March 5, 2019 – Elementary

Thursday, March 7, 2019 – Junior High School + High School

Hours: 9am-2:30pm

Please complete the Student Day Notification Request to receive Student Day information. Please note! This event is not open to the general public and registration is required. Complete info here

This year’s SciTech Expo will be held on Saturday, March 2, 2019!

Click here to register as an exhibitor, and check out a video of last year’s event.


Hop on over to Spring Into QC this! This signature event celebrating Queen Creek’s families is complete with live entertainment, Color Splash, and the always popular egg hunt. There’s fun for everyone!

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