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Genomic Research

International Genomics Consortium (IGC)

Genomic research is one noted area of excellence in Arizona. Genomics is a field of genetic research that encompasses DNA sequencing and genetic mapping. This field is gaining worldwide attention because understanding genes can help determine the cause and treatment of many disorders. Scientists now have enough understanding of the human genome to determine why some types of diseases occur. New research focuses on how to build individualized treatments to diseases such as cancer by using genetic mapping.

Excellence Through Communication

Non-profit organizations such as the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) and the International Genomics Consortium drive communication between numerous entities to achieve breakthroughs in genomics-based treatment. They work with researchers to improve knowledge and apply this knowledge in treatment facilities and biomedical firms. 

A sampling of these connections can be explored below.

International Genomics Consortium (IGC)

TGen Alzheimer’s Disease Research

The IGC is a non-profit medical research organization that facilitates the translation of genomic discoveries. Today, the IGC has a leadership role in landmark projects, including the Cancer Genome Atlas.

Translational Genomic Institute (TGen)

The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) is a Phoenix-based nonprofit working with collaborators in the scientific and medical communities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of gene research, fighting diseases such as cancer, neurological disorders and diabetes.


Arizona’s state universities and their partners are using the principles of genomics to achieve breakthroughs in all areas of the biosciences.

Researchers at ASU are using DNA’s self-replication to build nanostructures.Arizona State University Biodesign Institute
ASU Biodesign Institute

The Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University has formed nearly 200 academic, clinical, and industrial partnerships to achieve breakthroughs in genomics, pathogen research, and sustainable energy.

Diagnosis by DNA sequencing can lead to lower health care costs and faster treatment.
Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University is home to one of the largest pathogen related genomics research centers in the world. NAU’s Strategic Alliance for Bioscience Research and Education strengthens research and educational activities.

Evolution of staph ‘superbug’ traced between humans and animals

The Cancer Center is perfecting a technique to provide individualized cancer treatment based on a person’s own genetic makeup.
University of Arizona

The Cancer Center is perfecting a technique to provide individualized cancer treatment based on a person’s own genetic makeup.

Genome sequencing finds unknown cause of epilepsy

TGen and the Human Genome Project

Dr. Jeffrey Trent, President and Research Director of TGen, speaks on how use of genetic information to personalize treatment can lead to whole new way to fight disease.