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Patient Care Facilities

Arizona is home to several highly respected treatment facilities. Through partnerships and collaborations, Arizona facilities are recognized worldwide for treating Alzheimer’s disease, various neurological disorders, certain cancers, and more.

Banner Health

Quality Health Care

Banner Health, nonprofit health care system

Banner Health is Arizona’s largest nonprofit health care system, known for its electronic medical records systems and simulation education technology.

St Joseph’s Hospital

St. Joseph's Story

The story of St. Joseph's Hospital

St. Joseph's Hospital has been a leader in health care advancements since it opened the first maternity ward in Phoenix in 1916. Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph’s Hospital is an internationally renowned medical center specializing in brain and spine diseases, disorders, and injuries.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children’s Hospital offers comprehensive and integrated pediatric treatment for children with epilepsy, traumatic brain and spine/ spinal cord injury, autism, brain tumors and congenital and other neurological disorders.

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic

With campuses in Minnesota, Florida and Arizona, the Mayo Clinic offers 133 programs representing 60 health care professions.


Arizona is highly regarded for its bioscience education, companies and facilities.

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Mayo Clinic