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HabiMap Arizona

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HabiMap™ Arizona enables the Arizona Game and Fish Department and its partners to visually explore how wildlife in distributed throughout the state and where conservation can have the greatest impact. It is a new tool that can help ensure Arizona maintains healthy wildlife populations and a strong economy.

Access and Use Constraints

HabiMap™ Arizona is intended to provide useful, landscape-level information during the early stages of project planning. It does not replace or supersede consultation with the Arizona Game and Fish Department. HabiMap™ Arizona should be used in concert with all available data and expertise to ensure project plans address wildlife and habitat conservation at all levels.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department recognizes the need to continually update and refine HabiMap™ Arizona. As new or additional data becomes available to the Department, our team will make appropriate revisions and adaptations to the tool. Likewise, we encourage feedback and questions, which can be submitted via the webgis@azgfd.gov email address.

For more information on environmental compliance issues and special status species (including plants) in Arizona, please use the Online Environmental Review Tool at http://www.azgfd.gov/hgis.

Source: http://habimap.org