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U-Pick Farm Map

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Arizona’s Agritourism Map profiles specialty crops, local growers, and agritourism opportunities. Search by crop, season, or location on your computer or mobile device to find fresh produce, farm tours, or other agritourism opportunities.

The Arizona Agritourism Map is put together with information from Local First’s Good Food Finder and the Arizona Farm Bureau’s Fill Your Plate Farm Product Search.

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How do I use the map?

Arizona Farm Bureau - Fill Your PlateLocal First Arizona

Find a Farm

Select a location and click on the More Detail button for information about hours and offerings. To search by crop, select one of the crop buttons on the map legend to the right of the screen. Only locations that grow that crop will appear on the map. To reset the search, deselect the crop by clicking on the crop button again or hit the All Farms button. Basket icon means multiple crops are grown at that location.  

To search by season, select the Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall button and only crops that are available during that season will appear on the map. Remember that most crops are only ripe for part of that season, and that exact harvest dates vary from year to year. Please contact the farm directly for specific information. To end the search by season, deselect the season button by clicking on it again.

Get Directions

For directions, click the directions tab at the top right of the legend or the Directions button. Your route will be automatically mapped from your location when you click the Submit button, but you must allow your computer or mobile device to map from your location to use this feature.

You can also manually enter a starting location. Important: Starting locations must include a city. Once you have entered a starting location, hit the Submit button for a route.