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Featured Exhibit:Tucson Gem and Mineral Society

Tucson Gem and Mineral Society

Minerals from China have been featured in the recent past.
Local Passion

Arizona has been blessed with an abundance of copper, and its amazing mineral specimens rank among the best anywhere. Yet Arizona’s minerals and the passions they inspire would not have captivated millions and nurtured the greatest gathering of gem and mineral collectors in the world if not for the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society, a non-profit, wholly volunteer organization. When the Society began in 1946 as a local association of rockhounds, collectors, and mineral professionals, the members just wanted to share their excitement, their specimens, and their stories. They had no notion of how they would inspire and unite an international audience of mineral collectors. The first “Tucson Gem and Mineral Show,” organized by the Society in 1955, was a humble affair hosted at an elementary school—and it was a hit from the very beginning.

Global Impact

Over the years the show grew to become the first and largest international showcase for gems, rocks, and minerals in the world, a gathering where the best gems and minerals come together with the knowledge and passion of top collectors and dealers from around the globe. The contribution of the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society to the study, appreciation, and popularity of minerals is profound, and it all started in Tucson, Arizona.