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Speedy Cash Overview

Speedy Cash recently completed 25 years. It helps you embrace the change, keeps you protected, sets standards, cares for you, and treats you perfectly. It helps its customers to embrace life’s uncertainty and take up new challenges.

You are the main priority for Speedy Cash, even when things are uncertain. Since 1997, their offerings have changed to suit better the needs of more than 5 million customers who visit their stores, shop online, and call them on the phone. To better serve you, Speedy Cash members will always keep making modifications.


For Speedy Cash, your security is a top priority. They continue to impose rigorous cleaning and safety procedures in their stores while maintaining social distance. Your personal information is protected online by their secure network, which is McAfee® SECURE, and Norton Secured certifications.

Rules and Regulations

It abides by all relevant federal, state, and local laws and ordinances. You earn the very best with Speedy Cash. And whatever you need, the company officials are here for you. Count on their intelligent, polite, and respectful personnel to respond to your inquiries weekly.

It is a member of the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA). This trade group upholds its members’ adherence to its Code of Conduct and Best Practices to guarantee that borrowers are adequately informed and treated fairly.

Speedy Cash Loan

It is aware of the obstacles most borrowers must overcome to obtain a loan, and they don’t want its customers to be intimidated by lengthy forms or demanding conditions. It provides simple, user-friendly lending products to let its customers enter and exit Speedy Cash locations swiftly. They provide easy-to-apply for title, payday, installment, and personal line of credit loans.

 Payday Loans

The quickest borrowing option available to the customers is a short-term loan. These loans are intended for customers that require a payday advance—best for last-minute expenses like new tires or an unplanned doctor’s appointment. You will need a checking account, a valid ID, and proof of income.

Title Loans

These loans are made for customers who prefer to determine their loan eligibility based on their vehicle equity rather than their income. Best for those who own fully paid-for autos and don’t want to use income. A valid ID, a clear title to the vehicle you want to use as security for your loan, and evidence of your address are all required.

Installment Loans

These loans are intended for customers who require significant cash advances that cannot be made through our payday loans—best for those who must make a sizeable purchase and require a more extended repayment period. Longer payback terms and fixed interest rates are features of installment loans. You must have a valid ID and evidence of your monthly income to apply.

Line of Credit Loans

These loans are intended for clients who might require ongoing access to additional finances. Ideal for those who need access to money to handle a monthly. Personal lines of credit provide flexible payback terms with daily interest accrual and enable you to access additional funds as you pay off your loan. You need a checking account to apply.

All About Speedy Cash 2022

Online Loan With Speedy Cash

There are three ways to get money from an online loan with Speedy Cash.

Instant Funding

It is pleased to be one of the few online lenders that offer the option of receiving the money from your online loan promptly. After the online signing of your loan documentation, if your debit card is eligible for this option, you will be given the choice of Instant Funding to Debit Card.

When completing your online application, add the debit card information to see if your card qualifies for quick funding. The most straightforward approach to get your money is in this manner.

Direct Deposit

If you are granted a loan through an online platform, they will automatically deposit your money into your bank account. After you sign your loan documents online, those possibilities will be provided to you if you qualify for additional funding alternatives.

Cash On Pick Up

You have the choice to pick up Cash in a store if a Speedy Cash station is nearby. Cash at store pickup is immediately available; no waiting is necessary! When picking up your Cash, don’t forget to bring a photo ID and confirmation number. Use this to receive Cash in your hands as soon as possible—also, no need for ATM.

Apply With Ease With Speedy Cash

You can begin the application process online, over the phone, or in a Speedy Cash location. Online applications are accepted around the clock, and in-store applications don’t require an appointment. With the company services, you can count on receiving exceptional service that complies with CFSA‘s best standards. Fill out the application, including details about your employment and income.

You can utilize the borrowed funds however you see fit, and it’s simple to plan payments via ACH withdrawal from your checking account. Pick your desired loan type from a line of credit, an installment loan, a title loan, or a payday loan. Applications are immediately reviewed, and approvals are typically given shortly after. If you repay your loan early without incurring penalties, you can ask for an extension of time to pay it back if you are unable to do so on your next paycheck.

Easy Cash with Speedy Cash

Visit one of their locations or give them a call to chat with a representative if you might use some extra cash but aren’t sure if there is a loan available. They will guide you through the entire borrowing procedure, and they will make every effort to make the application and approval processes as fast and straightforward as possible.

Why Speedy Cash?

Why Speedy Cash

You’re not alone if you’ve ever felt overburdened by your finances. The company is committed to helping you receive it quickly when you need money the most. Their objective has always been to dominate the short-term lending market by providing exceptional customer service, being open and honest about our interest rates, and ensuring you comprehend the terms of the loan you take out.

Speedy Cash Market Position

Speedy Cash Market Position


What is Speedy Cash?

Speedy Cash is a company that offers financial services. The business offers services to individuals, the elderly, and others. It provides online lending, payday loans, checks cashing, and a virtual online store that offers payday loans via the internet.

Is Speedy Cash USA legitimate?

Despite having high-interest rates, Speedy Cash is a good choice for those who need money immediately and have the means to repay it.

Who is Speedy Cash affiliated with?

It is a member of the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA).

How many locations does Speedy Cash have?

As of July 29, 2022, there are 162 Speedy Cash stations across the country.

How long does it take for Speedy Cash to deposit into your account?

The majority of payments are made within 15 minutes following loan completion.

How do I dispute Speedy Cash?

Telephone for customer service: +1-888-333-1360.

Does Speedy Cash Check your credit score?

Once you apply, it will run a credit check, which could lower your credit ratings by a few points.

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