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Oct 2022

Jordon Belfort's success as wealthy stockbroker in New York City and the widespread corruption and fraud that his business on Wall Street, which causes his demise.

The Wolf of Wall Street

It tells the story of Henry Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary. He left his top position at Goldman Sachs.

Too Big to Fail

The main plot occurs over the course of a single day at Wall Street investment bank in the early days of the 2007–2008 financial crisis.

Margin Call

The movie investigates how modifications to banking procedures and regulatory environments contributed to the financial catastrophe.

Inside Job

An angry investor holds Lee Gates, the host of Money Monster Financial TV, and his producer Patty hostage, putting them in a desperate situation.

Money Monster

Boiler Room examines stock trading from the perspective of a man who is merely looking to make a substantial sum of money.

Boiler Room

Instead of giving back the money, the actor goes on a spending binge against his friend's desires and employs a criminal organisation to help him launder the cash.

Money For Nothing

It is a compilation of documentaries that uses the study of economics to delve into the dark side of human nature.


The 2008 financial crisis is the main focus of the movie, which is set 23 years after the original in New York.

Wall Street

Dhirubhai Ambani, one of India's largest industrial tycoons, is heavily portrayed in this movie.


The three main foundational and fundamental ideas form the basis of the film. Power, money, and politics.


The movie is mostly based on the stock market and is set against a background of wealth, power, and business.


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