SHHhhh.. Secret!! Investing in Cryptocurrency Without Buying Any!

By: Riya Gote

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Oct 2022

Buying stock in a company having a financial stake in the future of cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology is the simplest method to gain investment exposure to cryptocurrencies without buying it.

Experts advise investors to invest in diversified index funds or ETFs instead of picking and buying individual equities because these vehicles have a track record of long-term value increase.

Investing in Businesses with Interests in Crypto. That's how personal financial expert Suze Orman initially did it.

Suze Orman described how she invested MicroStrategy, which owns billions in Bitcoin because the CEO was investing all of the company's working cash in Bitcoin.

Suze Orman, the personal finance expert, reasoned that the value of Microstrategy's stock would rise if Bitcoin's worth would.

The sole alternative to BITO for American investors at the moment is a private trust that holds cryptocurrencies, like Grayscale Bitcoin Trust or Osprey Bitcoin Trust.

Up until recently, Bitcoin or crypto ETFs were out of reach for would-be cryptocurrency investors who were put off by exchanges or buying and keeping actual coins.

Blockchain ETFs are viewed as a far more reliable investment by many people who are dubious of cryptocurrencies but trust in the "transformative" blockchain technology that underlies them.

There are methods to expose your portfolio to cryptocurrencies without buying any, but use caution.

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You should be prepared to face the hazards involved. Sticking with mutual or index funds is generally a better option if you can't.

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